One of East Westphalia’s largest employers

As an external personnel service provider, Thiele is able to solve a wealth of internal problems with its large workforce. Production peaks can be expertly cushioned, company resources remain unburdened and you can react immediately to market and order situations – all without having to worry about notice periods.

We are more than satisfied with Teilzeit Thiele. The staff are qualified and motivated – we’d even be happy to employ them permanently.

With the Teilzeit Thiele app, our employees are able to send their time records directly to our branches using their phone’s camera function. This saves time and enables them to complete this task from anywhere.

Make use of the largest jobs network and stay in contact with us.

Clearance certificates from health insurance companies can now simply be retrieved online.

Focus 2017

This year, Teilzeit Thiele was once again praised as one of the best personnel service provider by Focus.

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